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(DISCLAIMER: The contents of this blog are a work of fiction and should in no way be taken as anything but an ongoing interactive fictional story about a mentally screwed-up pony. The author of Lil Miss Rarity does not promote violence or self-harm, and believes those of us who engage in such acts are mentally unstable and should seek help immediately. The author stresses the separation of fiction from reality. Please do not consider this blog as anything but a work of fiction. Thank you.)

It doesn’t matter now..

If you are sad or blue..

'Cause cheerin' up my friends is just what Pinkie's here to do.

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It begins.

It’s a good thing Derpy showed up

Things were getting weird

Hugs make everything better though

Maybe I should go talk to them…

Soon as I finish here.

Of course.


Oh, Sweetie…

It’s okay, I’m here now.

"A Unicorn’s soul is in the horn…

The soul contains the memories…

The memories will rebuild the world…”

A unicorn’s soul is in the horn…

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