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(Day 1 of Bonercon)

(I didn’t expect there to be SO MANY BONERS HERE.)

(Absolutely EVERYONE has a BONER HERE)

(First day was exhausting and I lost my voice. Probly gonna order a pizza. Mmmmm. Pizza.)

(In Las Vegas airport.)

(There’s a guy with a Rarity shirt sitting near me at the terminal for the Baltimore flight and I’m like whoa this guy is going to Bronycon too I should say sup to him but I don’t wanna look like a weirdo dorkus malorkus. :( Oh well.)




Me, my mom, Clockwork, and Mortikie will be at Tabble 120 at BronyCon 2014!

Don’t forget to not forget to go there!

I won’t actually have bananas

I’m allergic to bananas

Special Guests will Include:

- My mom

- Clockwork

- Mortikie



- Goatball

- Jay

- And Jay!

Can you hubleeb that Bonercon is only 14 days away as of the reblogging of this post?

I can’t

Can you?

I bet you can’t don’t lie

You can’t hubleeb it at all you liar

Don’t forget to go to table 120

It’s gonna have stuff

That’s right you heard it here first forks table 120 yay that’s me yaaaaaaaaay

Right next to 118 with MindlessGonzo yay

With SHORP yay





See you guys thYAY

(To Bronycon!)

(Lil Miss Rarity updates are postponed until the 7th! Tomorrow [The 29th] is my last day to pack, and the next day [The 30th] is my flight to Baltimore, to attend Bronycon 2014!)

(Come see me at Table 120 in the Vendor Hall to get prints, sketches, buttons, hugs, playing cards, and raffle tickets to win a Lil Miss Rarity themed quilt! [It’s a big black quilt with the LMR heart on it!])

(Love you guys!)

Whoever you are…

(Patreon Backer Guest Star 2 of 2: Ace Sleeves, property of Ace Sleeves!)

The other two couldn’t have gone far…

(Patreon Backer Guest Star 1 of 2: Hex Pen, property of MithosY!)

This is gonna be the best tea party ever!

Like VERY not so good.

I must say, Mr. Sheeples, your new bowler hat is very fetching!

Yay! Tea party!

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